Welcome to Roos Run - the Grinnell Men XC Team's unoffical team page! This site was built by members of the team to be a place to stay in contact and share run logging over the summer, and has become a place to share memories and highlight the team and its members. Learn more! If you're wondering about the name or color scheme, our mascot is the Purple Kangaroo (origin disputed) and we pride outselves on being Roo$!

Random Pic!

Here's a randomly-selected Grinnell XC/TF photo uploaded by the team

About the Site

The main part of the site is a team calendar where people can post their runs, cross training, and sleep. The philosophy was to make it as useful for recording training as it could be, while also making it as supportive and non-competative as possible. With that in mind, you can record run time, but it's not shown to others. Likewise, the focus is on community, so normally the text takes up most of the screen on the calendar page (unlike the shunken example photo above). You can leave comments, interact with others, and it's encouraged to post about whatever's on your mind, whether it's related to running or not.

RoosRun was created by Brian Goodell '24 in the model of LogARun which was historically used by the team, but is no longer maintained and was too slow to be usable. It's a django site, and the entire front and back ends were written from scratch to fit the team. It's a team project, however, with James Snyder '26 providing graphic design for the great logo!

In the future, we're planning on adding a feature where each user can write a quick bio and upload a photo so that we can have a directory of current and former Roos! Check back later!

Rooute Book!