Ryan ???

I'm Ryan Boev, resident 3rd year Roo hopping around

Fourth Years

James Snyder

What gives me the right?: Social Media and Communications Intern for Grinnell XCTF

My Motto: "Put on a clinic"

Favorite Running Spot: Blowing Rock, NC

Best Party Trick: Drinking water out of a red solo cup

Tyler Ching

Majoring in Bio and still never really know what to put for these. Here are my greatest accomplishments so far as one of the Roo$ in no particular order:

2nd all-time Grinnell 2k steeple (still waiting on my top ten shirt...)

100% PR rate at the Les Duke Course (3 races so far, hope to keep the streak for all 5 and maybe even into my likely $ketchy alum appearances)

Unofficial 2023 gender equality hurdle champion (no one timed so you'll have to just trust me)

Firm handshake award (just because most of you all here are too doesn't make it any less meaningful)

2024 calf trivia co-champion with Ezra and Cameron

~Tyler Ching (updated 6/14/2024)

Connor Heagy

Hi guys, my name is Connor Heagy. I'm a computer science and art double major. I like to ball out with the boys and am the president's roommate.

Luke Robinson

I worked at Chipotle for 2 years exactly. I credit that and mostly that to my success as a runner.

Andy Chestovich

Mathematics and Economics Double Major

From Saint Paul, Minnesota :)

Cat Guy + Progressive Rock Fan

"800 is just a 400"

Third Years

Alexander Pollock

Hi, I'm Alex Pollock. If you clicked on my bio you're probably new to Grinnell. If that's the case welcome. If that's not the case... Why? I'm intending to be a computer science and math double major. As for running I'll probably become a milage junky over the summer and calm down by the time the season has started.

Owen Block

Resident Cross Country 400M Specialist, Bodybuilder extraordinaire, long-run enthusiast, and C.S. Philosophy double major hopeful.

Sebastian Manza

Western washington 1500/5k steeple? runner. Computer Science major and threshold lover.

Sam Beck

Hey guys I'm Sam. I'm from NJ and I am planning on majoring in math and German.

Second Years

First Years

Brian Goodell

Hi, I'm Brian: the creator of RoosRun. Fun fact: you can use markdown in this bio! My profile pic is of me (left) and Bradley (right)

Bradley Ramsey

Hello roos

Mark Krysan

Hi, I'm Mark!